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to the website of Allegheny Places, the official Allegheny County comprehensive plan.

Allegheny Places, adopted in November 2008, is Allegheny County’s award winning comprehensive land use plan.

What is a County Comprehensive Plan? Counties are required by state law to adopt a land use and growth management plan which establishes broad goals and criteria to guide municipalities in the preparation of their plans.

Allegheny Places meets the requirements of state law - but is so much more! Allegheny Places is a unique blueprint for a sustainable future envisioned by the citizens of the County, where:

  • Equity and diversity is an integral part of land use policy and decision-making
  • Stable, well-paying jobs are available in a diversified economy
  • A consistent, coordinated development process fosters sound growth and development
  • Greater sharing of services and facilities ensures citizens a cost-effective, high quality of life
  • Quality housing meets a diversity of needs and is readily available
  • New transit-oriented development and walkable mixed-use development provide energy-efficient options for living and working
  • Revitalized neighborhoods and communities celebrate Allegheny County’s unique culture and history
  • An efficient multi-modal transportation system connects people and places
  • Greenways protect vital natural features and enhance Allegheny County’s scenic beauty

On this website you will find detailed information about Allegheny Places. Municipalities and others are invited to explore the website's resources which include:

  • The comprehensive plan and plan maps in an easy-to-download format
  • An interactive Map Viewer that provides a close-up look at the Plan’s GIS map data
  • Checklists for evaluating local comprehensive plans, land use ordinances, grant applications and development projects for consistency with Allegheny Places
  • Model ordinances
  • Links to other websites with useful tools and information
  • A showcase of local innovative ideas and projects
  • An eLibrary of plans, reports and studies related to Allegheny Places elements

ACED’s Planning Division would be happy to meet with your municipality or organization to talk about Allegheny Places. Just give us a call at 412-350-1030.

Latest News & Events
August 2014

The APA/PPA Southwest Chapter will host the 2015 State Conference at the Westin Convention Center in Pittsburgh. Volunteers are being recruited to serve on several conference planning subcommittees. Please contact Kay Pierce, Organizing Committee, for more information at 412-350-1030.

April 22, 2014

Allegheny County Council adopted the Transportation Element Update of the Allegheny Places Plan. Click here for the update.

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