Allegheny Places Map Viewer

The map viewer is an on-line, interactive GIS-based tool with which you can view map data created for Allegheny Places, zoom in on areas of interest, and print maps. The maps contained in the Viewer are the property of Allegheny County and should be used for reference purposes only.

Getting Started Guide

  1. To open a map, click on one of the photos below. To change to another map while in the Map Viewer, click on the desired theme's tab across the top of the page.
  2. The map legend should automatically load, but it can also be accessed by clicking on the layer icon map layer icon and expanding the desired layer. There are many other functions in this Interactive Legend. The layer's transparency can be changed or an item can be toggled on and off in the map display.
  3. Tools are mostly self-explanatory — these maps allow for the user to search for a landmark or address and even change the type of basemap in each map by clicking this icon basemap icon and selecting a new basemap.
  4. If the map is not working well in your current browser, please change to another browser.
Economic Development Economic Development This map shows brownfields and redevelopment sites in the County.
Future Land Use Future Land Use The Future Land Use Plan map was created for Allegheny Places. The map shows "Places" where major new development is encouraged, as well as infill redevelopment areas, conservation areas, and the greenway network.
Greenways Greenways This map shows the proposed County Greenway Network and includes the GREENPRINT developed by the Allegheny Land Trust.
Water Authorities Water Authorities This map shows areas served by Public Water Authorities.
Proposed Transportation Projects Proposed Transportation Projects This map shows proposed transportation improvement projects.
Sewer Authorities Sewer Authorities This map shows areas served by Public Sewer Authorities.
Stormwater Planning by Watershed Stormwater Planning by Watershed This map shows the status of Stormwater Management (Act 167) Plans by watershed.
Existing Land Use Existing Land Use This map shows parcel-based existing land use in the County.
Transportation System Transportation System This map shows existing highways and roads, airports, dedicated public transit routes, railroads, industrial river ports, and locks and dams.
Parks and Trails Parks and Trails This map shows state, county and municipal parks; trails; and golf courses.