Consistency Reviews:

Guidelines and Checklists

Allegheny County Economic Development (ACED) is Allegheny County's designated county planning agency.  ACED's Planning Division is responsible for administering Allegheny Places and providing consistency reviews as described here.

The checklists contain criteria used to assess projects, plans and ordinances for consistency with Allegheny Places.  Applicants are encouraged to use the checklists as guides when developing projects, plans and ordinances; and as a tool for evaluating applications for consistency before submitting them to the County for review.

The general information sheets include minimum required information for applications submitted to Planning Division for a consistency review.

Grants and Permits:

DEP, DCED, DCNR, PENNVEST and other agencies issue permits and provide funding in the form of grants and loans for a variety of projects and activities. If the agency application asks whether the proposed project is consistent with the county comprehensive plan, a copy of the application must be submitted to Planning Division for review.

Development Projects:

Development projects for which County financial assistance is requested may be evaluated for consistency with Allegheny Places. Applicants are encouraged to meet with ACED as early in the process as possible to discuss ways in which the project can be consistent.

Municipal Comprehensive Plans:

Municipalities who are adopting a new comprehensive plan or reviewing and updating their existing plan can use the Municipal Comprehensive Plan Checklist to evaluate their plan for consistency or look for ways in which their plan can be consistent with Allegheny Places.