County Approval of Subdivisions and Land Developments

As of May 2017, 27 municipalities in Allegheny County have not adopted a subdivision and land development ordinance (SALDO). In these municipalities, the standards and requirements in the Allegheny County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance apply. The county planning agency, which is ACED, is the authority for review and approval of subdivisions and land developments. ACED’s Planning Division is responsible for administering the County SALDO on behalf of the 27 municipalities. Click here for a list of the municipalities where the County’s SALDO governs.


If your municipality hasn’t adopted a subdivision and land development ordinance and you would like more information about the County SALDO, Planning Division staff will be happy to meet with you. Please call Kay Pierce at 412-350-1030, or Andrew Hartwell at 412-350-1360.

Landowners and Developers:

If a property you intend to subdivide and/or develop is in a municipality that hasn’t adopted a SALDO, the following fact sheets will be helpful. They summarize the procedures for submitting applications to ACED, and for review and approval of applications under the county SALDO:

All applications for subdivisions and land developments that require county approval must be accompanied by the completed and signed application form and required fee; see below:

If your project is a major subdivision or land development, we recommend that you also download the application review checklists that Planning Division uses to evaluate applications for compliance with the applicable provisions of the county SALDO. The checklists may be helpful to you or the design professional that is responsible for preparing your application:

The County SALDO requires that all finally approved plans be recorded. For information about recording plans in Allegheny County, click here and look under Subdivisions and Record Plans.

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